Sunday, April 14, 2019

Pianist Roy Eaton and Cousins at Bryant Park, NYC

L-R: Classical Pianist Roy Eaton with Twin Cousins Cleonis (Ellen) Golding & Constance (Elaine) Golding, NYC Clinical School Psychologists.  BRYANT PARK, 42nd Street, NYC. September 2017. (Photo Credit: Barbara Pittman Eaton, Roy’s wife) 

Cleonis Golding writes:

My twin sister and I were first introduced to AFRICLASSICAL on line,  via our maternal gifted, prodigy Cousin, the iconic classical pianist MR. ROY EATON!!

Sharing a picture of us with Roy Eaton at one of his yearly free concerts at Bryant Park on 42nd Street, NYC, our hometown and Roy’s, in September 2017, following his miraculous recovery from a major health challenge. 

His wife Barbara was extremely supportive to him throughout his regaining his health in his 88th year!!👍🏽👏🏽!! We are so grateful how well he has done and well he looks now. He is amazing!!!

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