Saturday, April 27, 2019 Fractured History: A solo exhibition by Aaron Dworkin May 6 - June 4

Ann Arbor Art Center

Aaron P. Dworkin

All About Ann Arbor

April 26, 2019

Created by social entrepreneur, author, performing artist and Sphinx Organization founder Aaron Dworkin, "Fractured History" explores themes of music, diversity, relationships, friendships, love and separation.

The mixed-media exhibition blends musical instruments, music, visual art, digital elements, images of powerful historical figures and color to capture multisensory artistic expression.

An interdisciplinary artist and musician, Dworkin, in his artist's statement, said that his own personal history and story, as well as his experiences, have shaped his art and music throughout his journey.

“My path in life as a social entrepreneur, author, artist, and professor originated in music. I am a classically trained violinist, and throughout my journey, my art has depicted as well as been influenced by and expressed through that lens,” the statement reads.

“My mixed media work with physical musical instruments shares stories of birth, separation, life, friendship, and love. I work with stringed instruments, highlighting their individual parts as elements of human emotion and character, from bow hair embracing a tailpiece, violin pegs dissecting the wood beneath the chinrest and using colors to capture the significance of certain life events. My digital explorations incorporate the theme of musical instruments and warp the process into an alternate dimension of history, with the aim of bringing to light important historical figures of color.”

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