Monday, April 22, 2019

Dr. Crystal Morris-Newsom Pens "How To Get Your Grown Woman On" for Teen Girls

Dr. Crystal Morris-Newsom

Author Dr. Crystal Morris - Newsom Pens Life Guide for Teenage Girls..
"How To Get Your Grown Woman On"

“How To Get Your Grown Woman On” is a sassy, up-to-date guide for preteen and teenage girls. It teaches them how to cope with the issues facing them today. This book provides clear-cut instructions on how a young lady should care for her body inside and out as well as how to treat others while still promoting self-love. This book allows young ladies to write in a journal setting to express how they are feeling about certain topics, such as dating, sex, drugs, bullying and suicide. Moreover, the book provides a mental map of situations they may go through and offers the tools to get past any storms that may come into their lives. 

About the Author
Dr. Crystal Morris-Newsom lives in Phoenix (AZ) and is a wife, mother of 6, author, college professor, and realtor. She is the founder of the House of Zion Transitional Living for women where she empowers, mentors, and provides shelter for women who suffer from substance abuse and addiction. Her past experiences as a young girl in combination with hearing similar stories from hundreds of women through the House of Zion program, she gained a passion in providing aid to women in their individual struggles. Her thought is if we begin addressing these negative, self-limiting thoughts and behaviors in the adolescent stage, we can be more productive and healthy women as we mature.

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