Thursday, April 11, 2019

John Malveaux: American golf legacy of the POWELL FAMILY: History of Clearview Golf Course

African American Golfer's Digest, Summer 2003
Meet Renee Powell: Living her dream every day while building a legacy

John Malveaux of 

Quincy Jones said in an interview “I wanted to be a gangster until I was 11, in Chicago”.  Jones added. “You wanna be what you see, and that’s all we ever saw".  As president of the Long Beach Central Area Association, we are devoted to presenting uplifting images, programs and events to show the full range of human potential. I recently chatted with Dr. Renee Powell after she was elected the first at-large director of the PGA of America Board of Directors to learn her story and ask questions. Please read pdf-an introduction to the American golf legacy of the POWELL FAMILY history of Clearview Golf Course

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