Saturday, February 24, 2018

OperaCréole: New Orleans Opera Presents "Champion, an Opera in Jazz" by Terence Blanchard, March 9 and 11 at Mahalia Jackson Theater

Terence Blanchard

OperaCréole founders were guest artists on New Orleans Opera's Podcast:
"At Large" Host, Joe McKesson

OperaCréole is a partner organization in celebration of New Orleans Opera's 75th Anniversary Season.
Their production of

Champion, an Opera in Jazz written by Grammy Award winning
Terence Blanchard
is 2 WEEKS Away!
March 9, and 11 at Mahalia Jackson Theater.

This is the first opera they have presented by a composer of African descent.
As a partner organization, OperaCréole has a code that would allow you to get a discount. BUT HURRY, it​ i​s ​SELLING OUT​!

On opening night, I will be speaking at the Nuts and Bolts presentation 30 minutes before curtain, and ​I have ​submitted an article ​on the history of composers of African descent ​for their program.

I have also joined the ensemble in support of the principal cast that has come in from the Washington National Opera production of Champion. ​Now that I have been in staging, I can tell you that this is a genius level work, and I am having a blast!​

Also in the ensemble​/chorus, that have been on ​OperaCréole 's roster​,​ are:
Mark Anthony Thomas,
Kentrell Roberts,
Christian Patterson, and
Pamela Nions!

The discount code I was given for community partners is:
10% discount code (enter at check out, and doesn't have to be all caps): NOOPARTNERZ

See you all soon!
Givonna Joseph,

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