Monday, February 12, 2018

Mark S. Doss: Welsh National Opera "Tosca" Opening Night Success [YouTube video of getting into the role of Scarpia 4:54]

Mark S. Doss

Mark S. Doss in Tosca

Mark S. Doss forwards these reviews:

Initial Reviews of the Show

"Scarpia, likewise, is a one-dimensional figure, though the dimension is large: an Iago in authority and of a viciousness not confined to a single grudge. Mark S Doss portrays well both the ruthlessness and the elegance that if anything intensifies the cruelty, and he sings with a certain refined power, imposing himself on proceedings from the moment of his arrival at Sant’ Andrea - not, admittedly, a moment that Puccini is inclined to play down. Scarpia may be an ugly character, but his genre, unlike Iago’s, is civilised. Doss gets absolutely right, in voice and manner, the extremely sinister tone of this combination." 

"Mark S. Doss, however, is spot-on as Scarpia, avarice and evil wrapped up in swagger, menace and dangerous charm."
-The Times London

"Mark S Doss is a highlight, relishing in playing up the villainous Scarpia. Mellifluous and prowling, he cuts an unnerving figure as he stalks around Tosca with increasing lust, matched by his deep and rich bass-baritone. On occasion in productions of Tosca, the orchestra can overpower, but here the singers are all well matched and in Mark S Doss’s case, soars in his spine-tingling and sinister Act 1 closer, Te Deum."

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