Sunday, February 18, 2018

EAM: World Premiere of Alvin Singleton's "Across Differences" at the Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi, Russia on February 25, 2018

Listen to a recording of Alvin Singleton's string quartet, Somehow We Can, a modern masterwork of the string quartet literature (YouTube 18:22):

Alvin Singleton

Schott EAM writes:

On February 25, The Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Russia, led by Yuri Bashmet, will perform the world premiere of Alvin Singleton’s  Across Differences at the Zimnij Theatre in Sochi. The 11th Anniversary Winter International Arts Festival will take place from February 16-25, in Sochi, Russia. Winter International Arts Festival Sochi is a member of the European Festivals Association (EFA) and occupies an important place in the cultural life of Europe.  In 2017, after being named one of Europe’s premier music festivals, WIAFS became the first Russian festival included in the “Silk Road,” an international league of theaters devoted to promoting cultural heritage between member states. Alvin Singleton notes:

"The title of this piece, Across Differences, identifies the work as all titles do, but it doesn't tell us what it is. In some ways, it can refer to the differences between cultures, but it also refers to my thought process. I fell in love with the musical material [in Across Differences] as I was composing, and I took chances in how I used that material throughout the piece."

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