Sunday, February 11, 2018

Maria Thompson Corley: Finding Beauty: H. Leslie Adams, Acclaimed Composer (36:02)

H. Leslie Adams

Maria Thompson Corley writes:

Dr. H. Leslie Adams has worked hard to stay “middle of the road.” Some of us—myself included—may prefer to passionately skew in one direction or the other, but Leslie’s efforts make him very happy, and he is so sure of his own inner compass that he truly doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Leslie’s self-assurance is also reflected in his music, which deliberately chooses the lovely over the edgy, shunning outside influences. This doesn’t mean his pieces lack tension, however. One thing is certain: his style is unmistakable.

I wanted to interview this internationally-acclaimed composer, whose works have been commissioned by the Cleveland Orchestra and performed by such eminent singers as Denyce Graves, because he exudes joie de vivre, and I sought to know his secret. His childhood can’t be replicated—it sounds like something out of a fairy tale—but his quest to express himself, on his terms, embracing all people equally, is both fascinating and, although his particular journey is decidedly unique, something to consider as a life goal.

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