Monday, May 27, 2019

Eric Conway: Morgan Choir's Day 7 in Bath and Bristol, England

Dr. Eric Conway writes:

On Day 7, Sunday, May 26th, we departed from Birmingham for a day of travel to sites on the way to our final destination of London. We did have a little excitement in the middle of the night! The alarm went off in the hotel around 12:30 AM and everyone in the hotel had to evacuate! Although no one knew why the alarm was tripped, some believe that perhaps one of the many Brits in the hotel may have been smoking to set off an alarm for the entire hotel. No worries, after ten minutes, we all returned to our rooms to continue our sleep, see management’s note attached.

We traveled through the rural Cotswolds area in south central England. Our first and unplanned stop was in the town of Bourton-on-the-water known as Venice in England. This quaint town was known for its many low bridges and stone houses. Bourton was very beautiful with many tourists even when we arrived.

After a few house we made it to spa town of Bath, England (pronounced Baaath). This community was known as the most sophisticated town in England. Many of the upper class visited this town for holiday. The main attraction was the former site of the Roman Baths. The original hot springs “spa” was still available for tourists to see and learn about the ancient spa treatment of the Romans. After an hour or so in the Bath, we toured the Roman Baths site with audio apparatus to tell the history of the Roman baths.

The group then traveled to Bristol, England to an overnight stay and dinner. The next day would be our biggest day of the tour with a concert in Windsor Castle, in the chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan were married!


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