Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Artists to Makeover South LA Public School In MAYA ANGELOU MURAL FESTIVAL May 13-18

Shepard Fairey Joins Dozens of Local & International Artists to Makeover South LA Public School In MAYA ANGELOU MURAL FESTIVAL
May 13 - 18, 2019
The Maya Angelou Mural Festival, brought to you by Branded Arts and LAUSD. Over two-dozen local and international artists will transform Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School with new murals, inspired by the students with the aim of transforming the school campus into an artistic canvas, sending an inspirational and positive message to kids ranging from 9th to 12th grade.

1010, Add Fuel, Daniel Arsham, Axel Void, Bliss One, Brushwork, Victoria Cassinova, The Clover Signs, Enk One, Josh Everhorn, Shepard Fairey, Faith XVLII, Rob Hill, Huge, JR's Inside Out Project, L.E.O., Jona Meelan, Mictlan Murals, Mr B Baby, Ni Santas, Nunca, Perez Bros, Petal 1, Rabi of Cyrcle, Raquel Rojas, Tochtlita, Valfre, Shawn Michael Warren, Andi Xoch, Joan Zeta, ZUCO
  • RUN DMC’s rap icon Darryl McDaniels and Grammy-award winning musician
  • Grammy-Award Winning Recording Artist MIGUEL
  • Warren Brand of Branded Arts who can provide festival context
  • Excited high school kids who can do sideline interviews

  • Student poster contest throughout the school, hosted by mural fest creator Branded Arts, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Daniel Arsham Studio.
  • An academic symposium, featuring programming by NASA, LACMA, Artsy, Self Help Graphics, Eddie Huang, Run-DMC, and many more.

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