Friday, January 9, 2015

Regina Harris Baiocchi: Jan. 16, 2015, 7:30 PM - '6Degrees Composers' Concert' Original Music, Sherwood Conservatory Auditorium, 1312 South Michigan. RSVP

Regina Harris Baiocchi

Regina Harris Baiocchi writes of five upcoming events, starting with a January 16, 2015 concert of original music of six composers:

Hi, Bill:
Happy new year! May your 2015 be filled with love, laughter, great music, good friends and all your heart's desires.
              Following are dates I'd like you to post asap:
Mark your calendar for 5 dates in 2015:
16 January 2015 - 6Degrees Composers' Concert Tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Friday, 7:30 pm, Sherwood Conservatory Auditorium, 1312 South Michigan. RSVP: 312-253-7453, Info: 312-369-3100. Original music by Regina Harris Baiocchi, Janice Misurell-Mitchell, Patricia Morehead, Ann Ward, Dolores White and Elizabeth Wilson. FREE admission
1 February 2015 - African American Vocal Music
Sunday, 2:00 pm, Chicago Temple, 77 West Washington. Soprano Rae-Myra Hilliard sings arias from Regina Harris Baiocchi's opera, Gbeldahoven: No One's Child, including "How it feels to be Colored Me," "I am not Tragically Colored," and Godmother's Lesson." RSVP: 312-253-7453, Info: 312-236-4548 FREE admission
4 February 2015 - Regina Harris Baiocchi, Guest artist Regina reads her original poetry readings and plays her Jazz compositions: Truman College Chicago, 1145 West Wilson Avenue, RSVP: 312-252-7453, Info: Monice Purnell, 773-907-4792 (Time: TBA)
29 March 2015 - Dett Club Piano Competition
Sunday, 4:00 pm, Crerar Church 8100 South Calumet. Pianists vie for up to $6000 in NANM scholarships while sharing rich piano literature that includes music by Hale Smith. Valerie Capers, Estelle Ricketts, Campbell McNeal, Regina Harris Baiocchi, et al. Info: 773-874-2132, RSVP: 312-253-7453
25 April 2015 Haiku Festival's 11th Annual Awards Program Saturday, 10:00 am, Harold Washington Library Auditorium, 400 South State Street, Chicago. Guests: Khari B., disco poet, Taiko Legacy Japanese Drummers, Winning Poets ages 8-14. FREE Admission, RSVP: 312-253-7453, Info: 312-747-4300 
In anticipation of your support, I thank you...

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Hi, Bill:  Thanks a million! Stay warm and listen to a lot of great music...  Peace,
Regina  [Regina Harris Baiocchi]

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