Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ASCAP Audio Portrait: Alvin Singleton: In 'Somehow We Can,' he offers four distinct pieces from throughout his career

Alvin Singleton

All of the songs Alvin Singleton discusses in his Audio Portrait commentary are found in the CD below:

Somehow We Can (2002)
CD-Tzadik 7075

Here are a few words excerpted from Alvin Singleton's fascinating Audio Portrait:
"I heard a performance by Bernstein many years ago of Mahler's Second Symphony and that piece probably more than anything else convinced me to be a composer.  I wanted to bring the two worlds together, the world of the fixed score or the fixed structure on paper, and the free world of the improviser."

For three decades, Alvin Singleton's compositions have blended scored passages and jazz-inflected improvisation. In "Somehow We Can," he offers four distinct pieces from throughout his career, featuring Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Davis, Martha Mooke and the Marian Anderson String Quartet. The pieces range from the reflective to the boisterous, stretching musical boundaries along the way. (January 2002)

Alvin Singleton writes:

Thought this might interest you. 

Best wishes,

Alvin Singleton, Composer


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