Thursday, June 5, 2014

Philadelphia Honors Marian Anderson's 75th Anniversary of the Historic Lincoln Memorial Concert

Attendees gathered in lobby of The Philadelphia African American Museum

Award recipients: Seated, Jillian Pirtle, Blanche Burton Lyles, Back row: Dr. Patricia Jackson, Loraine Ballard Morrill, Mrs. Audrey Johnson Thorton, Attorney; Daniel J Tann, Mr. Robert Lott, Attorney; Enid Horowitz Adler

Bill Doggett presents replica of rare 1940 lobby poster

Marian Anderson Historical Society founder, Blanche Burton Lyles acknowledges standing ovation after performance of Rachmannioff Prelude as she is presented the Founders Award by Society Executive Director, Jillian Pirtle

The Marian Anderson House: a peek at the restored living room

Bill Doggett sends this Press Release:

The  National Historical Marian Anderson Society founded by the renown concert pianist and protégé of Marian Anderson, Blanche Burton-Lyles honored  Philadelphia’s legendary “Lady from Philadelphia”, Marian Anderson in a sold out Gala luncheon last Saturday, May 31st.
The Gala was held at The African American Museum in Philadelphia and featured an awards ceremony honoring Philadelphians whose careers exemplified the humanitarian spirit of Marian Anderson’s legacy.
The sold out tribute was aptly led by Mistress of Ceremony, the well known Philadelphia news  anchor, Loraine Ballard Morrill who introduced special guests, Bill Doggett and Donnell Lewis who gave reflections on the legacy of Marian Anderson.  Mr. Doggett presented a replica of a rare lobby poster at the event in honor of his mother, Philadelphia native, Frances Brown Doggett, whose special Marian Anderson story he shared.
Music filled the event with famous recordings of Marian Anderson and well known arias and duets sung by Jillian Pirtle, Executive Director of The Historical Society and Dorian Bell  with accompanist, H L Smith    
The Humanitarian Honoree Awards Ceremony recipients were: Mrs. Enid Horowitz Adler,Esquire, Ms. Dolores Bojazi, Esquire, Dr. Patricia Jackson, Mr. Robert Lott, Mr. Daniel J Tann, Esquire, Mrs. Audrey Johnson Thornton.   Each honoree was gifted with a special Congressional presentation by Mr. Stanley White.    The awards ceremony was specially highlighted by the special Founders award presented to Blanche Burton Lyles who gifted the audience with her stunning performance of Rachmanoff’s famous Prelude in C Sharp Minor.
The National Marian Anderson Historical Society invites you to support them and visit The Marian Anderson House in Philadelphia at 762 S. Martin Street.     The restored house is on the national register of Historic Places and is jewel to behold.     For tours and more information visit: or call 215-732-9505
Photos by Bill Doggett: Bill Doggett Productions

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