Thursday, June 5, 2014

NANM: We need your help! July is the month set aside to celebrate Black Music. No donation is too large or too small.

We need your help!!!
July is the month set aside to celebrate Black Music. NANM has worked to promote our concert music for 95 years. In order to continue to sustain our operations, we need each of you to make a donation. In this current financial climate, we must expand our revenue streams. EACH of you can make an impact on our future.

No donation is too large or too small!!
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Comment by email:
June, not July, is the national month designated to celebrate Black Music. However, the term Black Music does not include the achievement by people of African descent in classical music. Therefore, MusicUNTOLD does not recognize the designation of Black Music Month. MusicUNTOLD support the designation and celebration of June as "Blacks in All Music".  John Malveaux

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Barbara Wright-Pryor said...

NANM Is not protesting or attempting to change the designation of June as Black Music Month nor is it opposed to Blacks in All Music. NANM meets annually in the month of JULY and issued the statement and appeal for support in that regard. NANM celebrates and supports all genres of music created or performed by Blacks.
I am NOT an authorized spokesperson for NANM. I am the President of Chicago Music Association, Branch No. 1, the Founding Branch of NANM in 1919.

Musically yours,
Barbara Wright-Pryor