Sunday, June 1, 2014

Eric Conway, D.M.A.: 'Day 11 - Today we drove back to Dubai for our flight home, departing the hotel at 2 AM for a 5:30 AM flight on May 30'

Eric Conway, D.M.A.:

Today we drove back to Dubai for our flight home, departing the hotel at 2AM for a 5:30 AM flight on May 30 (remember we are eight hours ahead of you).

We reluctantly left our City Seasons hotel in Abu Dhabi (as this was our best accommodation on the tour).  We had a pleasant hour and a half drive back, to Dubai.  Prior to returning to our city Max hotel, many of us returned to the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world with over 1200 stores, a skate rink, and the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa right next door.  A few of us actually went to the top of this famous building - see views from the top of this structure.

After the mall visit, we returned to our Dubai City Max hotel, but only for an hour.  A very exciting evening as scheduled.  We were to ride via off-rode vehicles through the desert for an evening meal under the stars!  The ride was very exciting as we were riding up and over dunes that were very high a rapid pace - see short video from our ride below.  After the ride we arrived at a tourist camp in the middle of the dessert.  We ate once again much local cuisine.  Many of the ladies in the group painted themselves in local fashion via a process called henna - see photos of process which is like a temporary tattoo.  

After the group dinner, we were treated to a show with local talent including belly dancing!  

After the show, we presented our appreciation to our two guides, as tomorrow morning will be very early and hectic.  They were overwhelmed with tears during the presentation and said that they would never forget us! 

Well, it is almost midnight, and we leave in a couple hours. Back to the USA!

Short YouTube video of Desert Safari ride!

Eric Conway, D.M.A.
Fine and Performing Arts Department, Chair
Morgan State University

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