Tuesday, June 3, 2014

BlackPastBlog.org: 'Remembering Maya Angelou: An Occasion for Reflecting on the Importance of Poets'

Maya Angelou (1928-2014)
(Dwight/The National Book Foundation)

Hazel Singer writes:

Hello friends,
Please check out the new post on BlackPast.org Blog, a reflection on Maya Angelou and the importance of poetry.
And, as always, share with friends and family.

BlackPast.org Blog

Maya Angelou spoke words, wrote words, sang words, danced words, taught words. Everything she did underscored the importance of words: words to express anger, joy, sorrow. Words to connect people to their history, their past and their present. Words of wisdom to young women; words of caution to an uncaring public; words to live by to two Presidents of the United States of America. A list of her poems can be found here.

The importance of Maya Angelou, the poet, reminds us of the importance of poetry as an art form and a political form in the Black community. The first known Black poet in America was Lucy Terry Prince, born in 1732.There is a list of 46 poets at this link: take some time to explore how the words of these thought leaders shaped views, values, and conversations.

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