Tuesday, June 10, 2014

'Juneteenth is not when the word got to Texas. It is when African descent soldiers brought Texas back into the Union and thus freed slaves by saving the Union.'

John Malveaux of www.MusicUNTOLD.com 

John Malveaux accepted an invitation from James Drake, President, Boeing Black Employees Association Long Beach, Ca. to be a guest speaker during a Juneteenth event at Boeing on June 17, 2014. Malveaux will share the UNTOLD story of Juneteeth he learned on a visit to the African American Civil War Memorial & Museum in Washinton DC.  John Malveaux is a descent of John Malveaux, a Negro soldier in the Civil War. Please see attachment for UNTOLD story of Juneteenth.

John Malveaux

Comment by email:
Dear John, What wonderful insight you've provided on Juneteenth. Erasing our ​military history  is traditional Americana - according to which it was  a day when people 'sang, danced, and prayed,' in gratitude. Thank you for restoring this knowledge.  And, as always, Bill, thank you for spreading it.  Regards, Virginia
Virginia Kay

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Unknown said...

Thank you for such important information. This is an awakening that I now have more detail on what really happened in Texas during this so very important period for the state of Texas and for African-American History and our descendants. But, especially for the slaves that were free because of the Army Corps saving the Union.