Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Roland Hayes and Paul Robeson Feature in 'The Male Voice,' Part 2 of 'We Do It All' by G. Y. Fortune, Ed. D.

Gwendoline Y. Fortune
(Lance Richardson Photography)

Disk 2, The Male Voice

G. Y. Fortune, Ed. D.,

The Male Voice is Part 2 of We Do It Alla series of thirteen one hour programs prepared for listening on the theme of European-American classical music composed and performed by artists of African heritage.

Program #Two - The Male Voice
The Art of Roland Hayes, "It was a lover and his lass," "Passing by," "Little David," "Du bist die Ruh," "Der Nussbaum," "Trocknet Nicht," "Michieu Banjo", "Xango," "The maybell and the flower," "Scandalize my name,"
Smithsonian Collection of Recordings RD 041, 1990.
Paul Robeson Live at Carnegie Hall, Alan Booth, piano, "Oh, no John," "Oh, thou silent night," "Lullaby," "Chinese Children's Song," "My curly headed baby," "0, grieve you now my mother," "Every time I feel the spirit," "Balm in Gilead,"
Vanguard, 72020-2, 1987/1965. 

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