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Rick Robinson: 'This last year has just been wonderful for CutTime, especially ending as it did with standing-room-only crowds'

Classical Revolution Detroit Brahms Clarinet Reading

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Dec. 27, 2012


I hope your holiday has been a happy and safe one. Having survived the Mayan Apocalypse with you, in the coming year I hope we can all appreciate life a little more.  

This last year has just been wonderful for CutTime, especially ending as it did with standing-room-only crowds for CutTime Players' Russian program at the Detroit Institute of Arts, two breakthrough Classical Revolution Detroit (CRD) events, and a couple of private affairs that let me bid see you later to my DSO family. 

This being my last week (technically) as a DSO member, I hit the ground running an 8:30 per mile pace and I've already dropped 20 lbs.!  I'll be in New York City Jan. 9-21 attending the big APAP, ISPA and CMA presenters' conferences for networking, workshops and booking opportunities. Then I slingshot to Chicago to work with top freelancers for a Simfonica concert in Battle Creek, MI Jan. 27.

I subbed with Grand Rapids Symphony recently and a few musicians asked about doing another Classical Revolution with CutTime music like we did in late July. So I set it up for Jan. 30 when I return for a week of subbing. 

I also set up the next CRD event for Feb. 5, just before the end of a crowd-funding campaign at USA Projects to professionalize and EXPAND the series. USA Projects is "making America's finest artistic visions into realities" and is available only to artists who have won major fellowships like the Kresge I won two years ago. It offers online showcases and a crowd-funding platform with consultations, a 75% success rate and 5% matching funds to its artists. 

Like, crowd-funding raises money and awareness for worthy projects over a set period of time from anyone with internet access and a credit card. Unlike Kickstarter, contributions through USA Projects are tax-deductible up to the fair market value of any perks selected... at least for 2012. The campaign must make its goal to fund the project by the end of Feb. 6, 2013. Please make a generous gift before the year end to ensure lowering your tax bill while connecting new audiences with classical music! 

The Classical Revolution movement has proven to be an excellent vehicle for developing effective engagement with curious music lovers and using CutTime music in bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes where many already comfortably discover other music they like. It is a social enterprise serving a much wider segment of our communities with love, respect and food for the soul. Who doesn't deserve the beauty and potential for meaning with classical music that is warm and inclusive? Please help CutTime and Classical Revolution Detroit make that difference. Here is the link to this project. 

Peace to you.

- Rick

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Thanks much Bill!  Happy New One!  - Rick  [Rick Robinson]

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