Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marian Anderson and Dorothy Maynor Are Heard in 'The Female Voice,' Part 3 of 'We Do It All' by G. Y. Fortune, Ed. D.

Gwendoline Y. Fortune
(Lance Richardson Photography)

Disk 3, The Female Voice

G. Y. Fortune, Ed. D.,

The Female Voice is Part 3 of We Do It Alla series of thirteen one hour programs prepared for listening on the theme of European-American classical music composed and performed by artists of African heritage.
Program #Three - The Female Voice
Marian Anderson-Bach-Brahms-Schubert, "In the silence of the secret night," "My Lord, what a morning," "Rellstab," "Liebesbotschaft," "Death and the Maiden," "Re dell'abisso affrettati." BMG Classics, 7911-2-RG, 1989.

Dorothy Maynor. The Art of Dorothy Maynor, Arpad Sandor, piano, "She rested by the broken brook," "Thou art risen, my beloved," "O'Sleep! Why dost thou leave me?" "Du bist eine blume," "Wiegenlied," "My Day," "I'm gonna tell God alla my troubles." "Depuis le jour." Bridge, 9233, 2007. 

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