Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Following Each Speech at SphinxCON, Connect in 'The Networking Room'

SphinxCON is not just about Listening. It's also about a Conversation. We want you to share your ideas, challenges, insights, and thoughts on the issues of diversity with our speakers. Following each speech is the opportunity to Connect in the Networking Room, adjacent to the conference room.

Daniel Roumain (DBR)
DBR Productions

will Discuss...

Collaborative Collateral: Building and Sustaining a Personal Audience Through Creative and Strategic Collaboration

Chris GenteelChris GenteelHead of Diversity Markets

will Provide ideas on...



Maria De Leon

Maria De Leon*
Executive Director
National Association of Latino Arts and Culture

will Offer...

Strategies to Promote Cultural Equity in the Latino Arts Sector


Ken Fischer
Ken Fischer**
University Musical Society (UMS)

will Share the...

10 Lessons Learned in Diversifying a Performing Arts Presenting Organization

Margaret M. Lioi
Margaret M. Lioi*
Chamber Music America

will Promote...

Diversity in the Chamber Music Field

*Founding Partner
**Board Member

Be a part of the movement, join the conversation!

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