Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kickstarter Appeal: Reynard Burns/Prague Radio Symphony Recording Project to be Conducted by Julius P. Williams

Reynard Burns

Julius P. Williams

Composer, Conductor and Professor Julius Penson Williams (b. 1954) is among the select group of composers and musicians featured at  We are pleased to post the Kickstarter appeal of Reynard Burns, whose music would be conducted by Julius P. Williams:

Recording of this orchestral work will provide a musical representation of events in American history that shaped America.
  • Launched: Nov 21, 2012
  • Funding ends: Dec 21, 2012
America, Trial and Triumph, is a musical depiction of events in history that have forced, and continue to have an impact on the development and shaping of America’s beliefs and goals. Not wanting it to be the standard patriotic piece with its military tunes and patriotic themes, I chose tunes from particular periods in history that would have meaning to everyone, even abroad. It is the type of work that could be used to present American History, with its successes and continuing challenges. As an orchestral work, it incorporates a wide variety of colors and blends to reach its goal. The recurring themes are intended to inspire continued effort. A narrative is provided that directs the listener to focus on the history and future direction embedded in the composition.

Funds raised through Kickstarter will help produce a live recording by a professional orchestra of America, Trial and Triumph. Recording of the 12 minute work is scheduled for the Spring of 2013. Costs for the recording include: musician fees, engineer and studio fees, mastering and mastering engineer fees, travel expenses. The estimated budget is $11,000.

I have been fortunate enough to have an offer from the conductor of the Prague Radio Symphony, to record America, Trial and Triumph. The recording would then be included in a CD with other orchestral works and released. The Prague Radio Symphony is one of the most prestigious orchestras in Europe.

The conductor, Julius Williams, has conducted a multitude of professional orchestras in the United States and abroad. He is also an established composer in his own light, with several CD’s of his own works. Having a professional recording made by an orchestra of this quality usually costs upwards of $13,000 plus mastering and marketing. The Prague Radio Symphony has offered to do it all for $10,500. I am seeking to raise $8,000 to go towards this recording project. Thank you for taking the time to read and listen. Music has been a life long adventure that I hope will never end. My goal is to share my passion and love of music with all.  

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