Sunday, July 22, 2012

WWNO: 'Music Inside Out with Givonna Joseph and OperaCréole' Can be heard online

[(Credit Illinois State Univers) OperaCréole: Wilfred Delphin, pianist; Valerie Jones Francis, soprano; Tyrone Chambers, tenor; Crystal Morris, soprano; Givonna Joseph, mezzo soprano; Brandon Richardson, baritone; Aria Mason, mezzo soprano. Not pictured: Ivan Griffin, bass.]

Givonna Joseph tells us the audio of her radio interview can be heard at the website of 

The University of New Orleans

By Gwen Thompkins
When John Boutté invited OperaCréole to join him on stage at this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Boutté knew he'd hit on the right mix for yet another history-making performance. OperaCréole, which appears on Boutté's latest CD, All About Everything, is a new and formidable force in the area's musical pantheon.

Givonna Joseph is the founder of the group and knows the power and the glory of good music. This week, Joseph joins the mix at Music Inside Out for yet another history-making show.

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