Friday, July 13, 2012

Greg Kostraba: "Quincy Hilliard's 'Coty' on WBAA-FM"

Marcus Eley, Clarinet: But Not Forgotten

Quincy Hilliard

Our longtime acquaintance Greg Kostraba, D.M.A., is Program Director of WBAA Public Radio at Purdue University.  He wrote today of broadcasting Quincy Hilliard's Coty this afternoon:

Hi Bill,

I just came across the new Marcus Eley disc “But Not Forgotten” and fell in love with Quincy Hilliard’s piece Coty. I enjoyed it so much that I went looking for more information and came across your very interesting and informative interview with the clarinetist. I wanted to let your readers know that I will be broadcasting Coty this afternoon at about 2:09pm on 101.3 WBAA-FM at Purdue University, where I serve as Program Director, and at our website

Greg Kostraba, D.M.A.
Program Director
WBAA Public Radio
712 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN

Comments by email:
Dear Bill, Thank you very much for this post.  I am very happy to read this review of Coty.  Let's hope for more like this.  All the Best.  Marcus  [Marcus Eley]

I’m glad you’re still doing great things with your Africlassical blog!  Cheers!! --Greg [Greg Kostraba]

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