Sunday, July 8, 2012

John Malveaux: Violinist Sanford Allen will perform solos and duet with violist Nokuthula Ngwenyama at 150th Anniversary Concert

Sanford Allen

John Malveaux of writes:

Sanford Allen, the first African American violinist to become a regular member of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in 1962, is connected to 23 works in 34 publications in 4 languages and 711 Library holdings. See

Mr. Allen will perform solo selections in addition to a duet with violist Nokuthula Ngwenyama during 150th Anniversary Emancipation Proclamation Concert, September 22, 2012, AT&T Center Theatre, Los Angeles. See

[The renowned violist Nokuthula Ngwenyama (b. 1976),, is President of the American Viola Society and has long been featured at She will perform at the Mammoth Lakes Music Festival at Cerro Coso Community College at 7:30 PM on July 18, 20, 23, 25 and 27, 2012.]

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