Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dr. Quintard Taylor: ' now has a blog'

Dr. Quintard Taylor of writes:

Dear Supporter:
I am writing to announce that now has a blog.   The blog was launched on July 1.  Hazel Singer, a community strategist who also blogs at the Hazel Files and, has agreed to be the blogger.  Hazel, a native of South Africa and the daughter of anti-Apartheid activists, brings a first-hand knowledge of worldwide struggles for racial justice and a passion for history.  From time to time there will be guest bloggers and on occasion I will make contributions to the page.

The blog is designed to highlight the various features of the 10,000 page website and share information on the more than 500 contributors to its content.  Often it will provide commentary and links to topics and issues that are not covered by the website.  The blog will also connect African American and global African history to current events and remind us with every posting of how the past informs the present. 

You can connect to the blog by going through the link on or by going to the direct link listed above.  Please bookmark that link.  If you wish, we can also put your name on our blog list so you will automatically receive every entry as soon as it is posted.
Do read the blog.    

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