Monday, July 30, 2012 Updates Scott Joplin Page With Discussion of 'Weeping Willow' On 'But Not Forgotten'

[ABOVE: Scott Joplin  BELOW: But Not Forgotten: Music by African-American Composers for Clarinet & Piano; Marcus Eley, clarinet; Lucerne DeSa, piano; Sono Luminus DSL-92156 (U.S. release date July 31, 2012)]

Scott Joplin (c. 1867-1917) was a composer of both Ragtime and opera.  He is featured at, which has been updated to include a paragraph on his composition Weeping Willow:

Weeping Willow
Susan Curtis writes on page 94 that Scott Joplin's Weeping Willow was published in 1903.  We read on Page 147 that it was among the songs of which Joplin cut piano rolls.  Weeping Willow: A Ragtime Two-Step (2:51) has been recorded by clarinetist Marcus Eley and pianist Lucerne DeSa in an arrangement by Eley on the CD But Not Forgotten: Music by African-American Composers for Clarinet & Piano; Sono Luminus DSL-92156 (2012).  Marcus Eley writes in the liner notes:

The title, "Weeping Willow", gives one the impression of a swaying weeping willow tree in a calm breeze.  In this arrangement, the clarinet and piano alternate equally between the playful syncopated melodies.  Throughout this "Rag" the tempo is not hurried as Joplin
  instructs NOT FAST.  The stately opening melody is majestic but not pompous.  One can feel the inner pulse of each section.  Like two well-suited partners, the clarinet and piano are mindful of each step through the dance.

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