Friday, July 20, 2012

CutTime News: 'First Corporate Sponsor'

[Rick Robinson in recent CutTime performance]

CutTime News

July 20, 2012

It has been 6.5 months since I began traveling with CutTime® by van thru 15 states to introduce our landmark work and insights for turning on new audiences with symphonic music. My ambitious business plans for the CutTime brand continue to develop because like most great for-profit ideas, they must never stop adapting. While the summer tends to be a slow period, we are yet building momentum with a number of requests for introductory visits, single concerts and weeklong residencies.

One very positive development is securing our first corporate sponsorship with Broadsword Solutions Corporation, an industry leader in IT process innovations lead by fellow bassist Jeff Dalton, who recognizes the ability of classical music to empower younger generations where they are comfortable. Here is a press release.

Last month, CutTime's residency with the Hot Springs Music Festival in Arkansas was especially fruitful. This was our first week-long residency leading a number of varied events, ensembles and an open discussion. I led 21 services in 2 weeks rehearsing, performing and reading CutTime publications with their apprentices and mentors. Some of these were Classical Revolution-style events in restaurants, bars and hotel lobbies, while others were part of official festival concerts. We also played amplified in a gazebo and at a public school for summer students.

The biggest event of the festival was the Progressive Concert down Bathhouse Row for its Centennial Celebration. The CutTime Quartet played Brahms and Pork 'n Beans near the start, then an hour later CutTime Players played a full set followed by a big band! (See rehearsal picture at top.) We were amplified out to the street as 500 people progressed to each bathhouse for festival music and THOUSANDS of passersby on the main drag slowed to take in the spectacle and the music! The festival was allowed to keep roughly HALF of the CutTime publications we performed as part of our contract.

I had a solo breakthrough at one Classical Revolution event in the beautiful lobby concert shell of the Arlington Hotel. The string players we were expecting didn't show up until very late. Fortunately, the trombone choir came early (pictured below) and built an audience of about 20 persons, including 3 families. After they played about 1.5 hours with no one else to play, I had to relieve them with an impromptu solo double bass recital. Amplified, I demonstrated and demystyfied a variety of classical styles such as instrumental song, dance, Beethoven orchestral excerpts, my Paganini Variations and atonality.

The next test for CutTime is with the new Lake George Music Festival in upstate New York mid-August. The festival asked CutTime to voluntarily lead a series of outreach services before the festival begins in order to draw attention and audiences to the festival. CutTime Simfonica will play amplified in restaurants and on a lake cruiser.

These adventures prove that we CAN engage a broader variety of audiences in classical WHEN we're willing to take it off the pedestal for awhile and set a personal context. Please lend us your encouragement and speak well of our mission to those with the power to engage it! CutTime intends to bring a MILLION people to enjoy classical music as they do other music! Join our corporate sponsor and generous donors who make this adventure possible thru our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Arts League of Michigan!
We are in the INSPIRATION business!


- Rick

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