Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Violinist Annelle K. Gregory Wins NAACP ACT-SO Gold Medal in Houston

Annelle K. Gregory

John Malveaux of www.MusicUNTOLD.com writes:

Bellflower Symphony Conductor and Music Director Joseph Taylor invited me to attend their 'Young Concerto Concert' of April 21, 2012 to see high school violinist Annelle K. Gregory. Ms. Gregory's performance was outstanding and I was captured by her quiet but penetrating demeanor in conversation. When I mentioned Sanford Allen will be a featured performer at the 150th Anniversary Emancipation Proclamation Concert, she recalled meeting Sanford through the Sphinx Competition and she asked to perform during the 150th Anniversary Emancipation Proclamation Concert. On July 9, 2012, I received an email from Ms. Gregory indicating she won the NAACP ACT-SO Gold medal in Houston, Texas and she would like to perform during the 150th Anniversary Emanicpation Proclamation Concert. Youth are 100% of our future. See http://annelleviolin.com/

Annelle Kazumi Gregory 

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