Friday, July 6, 2012 'Remembering Oswald Russell'

[Oswald Russell (Photo provided by William Chapman Nyaho)]

(We thank Michael S. Wright of the United Kingdom for sending us this link.)

The Gleaner
Jamaica WI
Published: Friday | July 6, 2012

He was the son of Jim Russell, former registrar of births and deaths. Oswald Russell was a member of the St George's College class of 1948. He distinguished himself internationally as a world-class pianist and composer.

Born in 1933, he made his first public appearance at the age of eight and, while at St George's, played solo in the school's musical plays.

He later won a scholarship to study at The Royal Academy of Music in England, graduating in 1956. He continued his studies in Paris and at the famed Juillard School of Music before returning to Jamaica in 1963 as professor of piano at the Jamaica School of Music.

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