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Fred Onovwerosuoke's new titles with Oxford University Press

[Fred Onovwerosuoke]

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Excited to have you share this news of composer Fred Onovwerosuoke's next collaborative with Oxford University Press with your readers. Countdown already begun by children choirs across North America and worldwide awaiting these upcoming releases from Oxford University Press. Due to advanced demand, OUP has now moved forward publication dates for the six new titles (3 in each set) from June 5 to April 19. You may find that text pasted below, and detailed information on their web at: 

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Melanie Knolls
Publicity & Representation
African Music Publishers

Fred Onovwerosuoke
Songs of Africa for Upper Voices Set 1
Vocal score
16 pages | 254x178mm
978-0-19-338544-3 | Paperback | April 2012
SA (Soprano-Alto, plus lead voice) and percussion
Duration c. 6 minutes
Difficulty: Easy to Moderately difficult

Fred Onovwerosuoke
Songs of Africa for Upper Voices Set 2
Vocal score
16 pages | 254x178mm
978-0-19-338543-6 | Paperback | April 2012
SSA (Soprano-Soprano-Alto, plus lead voice) and percussion 
Duration c. 8 minutes
Difficulty: Easy to Moderately difficult

Following the success of Songs of Africa (for mixed voices), Fred Onovwerosuoke presents six authentic arrangements of African songs scored for upper voices and percussion. Published in two small collections - set 1 for SA and this set for SSA - the songs originate from a variety of locations, including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, and the Republic of Benin. With texts to celebrate an assortment of themes, such as harvest, Christmas, play/leisure, and marriage, these arrangements are sure to delight all choirs looking for something a bit different. An English translation and a pronunciation guide are provided for each publication.

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