Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheryl Lynne Skinner Releases 'Derby Blues,' Second Contemporary Muse Project MP3

"Derby Blues" 2nd Contemporary Muse Project MP3

Release by Cheryl Lynne Skinner

Some say KY is known for our fast horses and wild women, or is it wild horses and fast women regardless, what would KY be without the Derby? Fondly called “the greatest two minutes in sports“ the 2012 KY Derby will be run May 5, 2012. As Composer/Musician Cheryl Lynne Skinner researched “Shades of Blue” her second CD release she discovered thatthe first five races were won by African American jockeys” according to Tapestry-A Visitors Guide to Kentucky’s African American Heritage”. She decided to write “Derby Blues” honoring the Run for the Roses as a tribute to Issac Murphy, Jimmy Winkfield and all the other Black jockeys who helped pave the way for this KY and now American tradition. Jimmy Winkfield was born in Lexington, Kentucky.

Skinner recalls playing the signature anthem “My Old Kentucky Home” by Stephen Foster in a performance by the University of Louisville Marching Band at the KY Derby. “We were literally down at the winner’s circle next to the track. I will never forget the thunderous noise that the horses made. Watching it on television is one thing but it’s quite another to be that close to that kind of energy. It was amazing to see just how fast they are running!” Skinner expresses that energy in her new flute release.

Derby Blues” is the second release of the annual Contemporary Muse MP3 Project at where Elinez Music, Skinner’s independent label is excited to release an mp3 single each month April-July this summer. The April mp3 release “Heartbeats” , a flute instrumental dance track explored feelings of infatuation, attraction, “love at first sight” and new love that wants to dance. “Derby Blues” represents the heart racing pulsations and excitement of the thunder over Louisville’s Churchill Downs race track. Like on the race track this MP3 track naturally begins with the traditional bugle call and then there’re off! But the flute is the lead horse in this race all the way to the finish line. Give it a listen we think it’s a winner!

Listen to sound clips and/or the MP3’s can be downloaded for $.99 from the Marketplace Page at The cover art image for “Derby Blues” was created from the batik “Blue Thunder” designed by Kentucky visual artist Sandra Charles . You can check out her work at

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