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Byron Hanson: Maud Powell's 1910 Transcription of 'Deep River' is 'a treasure!'

[Samuel Coleridge-Taylor]

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor is profiled at, which features a complete Works List by Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma, The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation,, is playing a major role in this year's centennial of the composer's death on Sept. 1, 1912.  Byron Hanson writes about a link labeled as Deep River:

Byron Hanson:
I tried the link expecting to hear Coleridge-Taylor's "Deep River" but reached the bassoon transcription of "Keep Me from Sinkin' Down" instead. It was a fortunate thing, for I learned that Mr. Kauffman was playing a version violinist Maud Powell had introduced as an encore in 1912. Yesterday I had checked our catalogue and found that we did not own the volume of 24 spirituals in the piano arrangements, but was delighted to find instead the transcription of "Deep River" Maud Powell had made and copyrighted/published in 1910! Until I can see or hear the piano original I'll not know if Maud elaborated it to any extent, but I played it at the piano last night and would recommend it to any violinist. It's a beautiful "ramble" on the familiar tune with masterful journeys into related keys. What a treasure!

Byron Hanson

Interlochen Center for the Arts

Comment by email:
Dominique-René de Lerma,
Following is extracted from my Black music audio resources (working title) to be issued when completed exclusively by William Grant Still Music:

24 Negro melodies.  10. Deep river; arr. by Maud Powell (1910).  Duration: 4:46.  Rachel Barton Pine, violin; Matthew Hagle, piano.  Cedille Records CDR 900000 097 (2007, American vituosa; Tribute to Maud Powell).  Liner notes: Rachel Barton Pine, Karen A. Shaffer (23p).

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Charles Kaufmann said...

The Library of Congress has a number of interesting 1909-1918 Victor recordings of Maud Powell available online. These are found on this playlist.

Charles Kaufmann