Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kelly Hall-Tompkins: 'Music Kitchen featured on Now!'

[In my own voice; Kelly Hall-Tompkins, violin; MSR Classics MS 1278]

“Music Kitchen- Food for the Soul
April 27, 2010 1:59 PM
Kelly Hall-Tompkins is one of New York's most sought after violinists. When she's not touring the world, you can find her and fellow musicians playing at a soup kitchen near you.”

“Dear Friends of Music Kitchen,
Please click to view the latest Music Kitchen story by journalist Whitney Dehart directly on Thank you all for your well wishes and support of this project!
Kelly Hall-Tompkins, Violinist/Founder/Director”

“Mission: To bring top emerging and established professional musicians together in order to share the inspirational, therapeutic, and uplifting power of music with New York City’s disenfranchised homeless shelter population. I believe a shelter exists to provide not only physical but emotional and spiritual support to those who, for whatever reason, have lost the foundation of their homes and communities. I believe that music reaches the core of our being and can play a vital role in nourishing hope, love and strength, particularly when performed at an extremely high artistic level and in a friendly, relaxed setting.”

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