Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celso Machado & Welson Tremura Perform at '2010 Brazilian Music Institute' in Video (2:47)

“The 2010 Brazilian Music Institute took place at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida - May 10-14, 2010
Celso Machado and Welson Tremura performing 'Bolinha de Papel' by Geraldo Pereira. Founded and organized by Dr. Welson Tremura in 2001, the University of Florida's Brazilian Music Institute (BMI) is sponsored by the Center for World Arts, Center for Latin American Studies, School of Music, and UF Student Government.

"Combining classical and popular styles of music, each year the BMI brings outstanding artists for a week-long event designed to extend the experience and expand the possibilities of learning and performing Brazilian music. This performance took place at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, in Gainesville, Florida. (Ulisses Rocha, Marco Pereira, Diego Figueiredo, Beatriz Malnic, Alieksey Vianna, Jorge Continentino, Jose Rastelli, Nonato Luiz, Julio Figueiredo, Paulo Martelli, Duo Siqueira Lima)." [Celso Machado is profiled at]

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Russ Slater said...

Interesting stuff, would have liked to have been there!

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