Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sphinx Organization Job Posting: Artistic Administrator

The Sphinx Organization seeks qualified candidates for its Artistic Administrator. Artistic Administrator of the Sphinx Organization bears many responsibilities, overseeing all logistical and implementation aspects of artistic programming. The person in this position also serves as the Assistant Director of the Sphinx Competition, overseeing all programmatic and technical planning, as well as the execution of the program. Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to, building and maintaining relationships with all orchestral, artistic and academic partners, securing performance opportunities for Sphinx Laureates (including the Harlem Quartet), artistic training and relations, as well as oversight of scholarship and other professional development programs.

Artistic, educational and administrative background, strong communication skills (verbal & written), as well as a high level of computer literacy are important. Time management and organizational skills are absolutely essential. Music background is important, but not required. Advanced skills interacting with individuals and peer/partner organizations are critical. Candidate must also possess high level of attention to detail, in addition to sufficient mental agility to write and edit quickly with a very high degree of accuracy. Artistic Administrator must be able to convey the mission, goals and activities of organization through written and oral communication on a daily basis. A successful candidate in this position will demonstrate a high degree of concentration and commitment and should also be meticulous and methodical. This position sometimes requires long working hours with flexibility, with the occasional need for travel, weekend and/or overtime commitments. This structure can be expected to require over and above a standard 40 hour work week, including occasional travel. Functional/applied thinking is required to recognize priorities among the many responsibilities of this position.

If you enjoy challenge, a broad scope of responsibilities and the opportunity to play a critical role in an organization that offers relationships of mutual respect, please fax resume and salary reqs to 313-887-0164 or E-MAIL to info@sphinxmusic.org.

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