Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only 39 Openings Left in “100 Music Education Bloggers by January of 2009”

On Jan. 7, 2008 Joseph Pisano announced a campaign to recruit 100 people to blog about Music, Education and Technology by January 2009. There is no fee for joining, but only 39 of the valuable slots remain. Among the resources available to ME 100 Bloggers is a Naxos music service without the usual fee. AfriClassical learned of the project from The Collaborative Piano Blog of Dr. Chris Foley of Toronto, who has recently joined. We urge those who care deeply about diversity in classical music to consider this opportunity. Much more information is available at the project's website:

Mustech.net and the DigitalMusicEducator.wordpress.com have started a campaign to have 100 Music Educators blogging about music, education, and technology by January of 2009. We are inviting you to join our campaign and become an active blogger! This truly is the ground-floor of what IS the next wave of educational communication and thought/idea sharing for our fields (and every other one!).”

“Starting your blog requires little more than a rudimentary knowledge of navigating the internet and basic word-processing skills. Creating a blog is so easy that you will be dumbfounded as to how easy it is and wondering why you didn’t use this extremely valuable informational outlet 5 years ago.” “
We are currently recommending starting your blog by obtaining your own free site from http://wordpress.com or http://blogger.com. Signup at either site is both free and easy! Full Post

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