Monday, June 23, 2008

Can one obtain the CD of José Mauricio Nunes Garcia, “The Passion of the Brazilian Baroque”?

[La Passion du Baroque Brésilien; Missa de Nossa Senhora do Carmo & Matinas do Natal;
Association of Choral Singing; Cleofe Person de Mattos, Director; Camerata de Rio de Janeiro
Henrique Morelenbaum, Director;

Jade 75443-2 (1991)]

A visitor to has asked a question which is likely to be of interest to readers of AfriClassical, in an E-mail: “Sir, I think the web site is wonderful. I was first introduced to the music of the Chevalier de St. Georges by a station here in Boston 99.5, WCRB-FM. However at the time I could not get any information but as a result of your web site that has all changed. I do have a couple of questions concerning Classical Brazilian music. Can one obtain the CD, "The Passion of the Brazilian Baroque". I ask this because I tried and was unable to find out if it were possible. Do you have any suggestions? The other question concerns, "Jose Mauricio Nunes Garcia", are there any recordings of his music in particular his St. Cecilia Mass? Any information you can supply me with will be greatly appreciated.”

Many thanks for the compliment on! “The Passion of the Brazilian Baroque” is an English translation. The title on the CD is in French: “
La Passion du Baroque Brésilien”. A search of the Internet under the French title produces a number of websites which sell the CD, including ($28.49) and ($30.19). The catalog number is Jade 75443-2 (1991). We have not come across a current recording of the composer's Missa de Santa Cecilia, but one may exist. His well-known Missa Pastoril was released by Ensemble Turicum in 1998 and can be found online. Brazilian Baroque; Jade 75453-2 (1991) is a 2-CD set of Garcia's Missa de Nossa Senhora do Carmo and Matinas do Natal. A number of recordings of the music of José Mauricio Nunes Garcia have been released this year to celebrate the Bicentennial of the move of the Portuguese Royal Court to Brazil in 1808. Most have been issued on Brazilian labels. An excellent discography of earlier CDs of his works can be found at this website on the composer: MP3 downloads and YouTube videos of his music are also available on the Internet. José Mauricio Nunes Garcia (1767-1830) and Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799) are both profiled at

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