Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mokale Koapeng's “Khutsho, Chant for Peace”, on CD “Simunye”, is Used in Church Service

Mokale Koapeng (b. 1963) is a South African choral director and composer of choral works. He is also one of two Music Directors of the 20th Yearly Massed Choir Competition in November 2008. AfriClassical recently invited Mokale to comment on his activities. Here is his reply: “I am currently studying for a Master's degree in composition and my research project will be a self-reflective study of my composition. I will gladly give you some information as time progresses. Keep well, Mokale” AfriClassical has previously written of the CD Simunye, a joint project of the SDASA Chorale, of which Mokale Koapeng is Music Director, and the British vocal group I Fagiolini. One of Mokale's compositions on the CD was recently played by the Rev. Johann Vanderbijl at a church service, which was reported in a blog called Prydain on May 12, 2008. Mokale made this comment on May 20, 2008: “Dear Rev Vanderbijl, My name is Mokale Koapeng, the composer of 'Khutsho, Chant for Peace'. I am greatly humble to realise that my little piece for peace is touching many lives. Thank you for spreading the message of peace. South Africa needs peace more than ever before. Mokale Koapeng”

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