Saturday, June 7, 2008

Millennium Symphony Will Record 'A Tone Poem for Africa' of Nigerian Composer Paul Konye

On May 21, 2008 AfriClassical posted: “Paul Konye Composes and Conducts 'A Tone Poem for Africa' for Award of Honorary Degree”. Sienna College had commissioned the work for the occasion of the award of an honorary doctorate to Ms. Immaculee Ilabagiza. She is a Rwandan Genocide survivor and has written the best-selling book “Left to Tell”. Here is a comment made today by Anthony Jackson: “Dr Konye, I think this is a wonderful tribute to Immaculee. She is an amazing woman. My church group is going on a pilgrimage with Immaculee to several holy sites in Europe. I would love it if we could do something with your music there. Here's the mission info:

Prof. Konye replied: “Dear Anthony, good morning and thank you very much for your e-mail. Immaculee's story is most incredible, it should awake in each one of us a yearning for God's Will in His Creation. I did visit the website regarding the up-coming Immaculee trip and it is quite impressive. Yes, please do feel free to use the music as you see fit. I will attach the short synopsis of the work with this e-mail. You should also know that the work will be commercially recorded by the Millennium Symphony in June and released in September, so please feel free to use either the audio or video or live performances.

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