Friday, December 14, 2018

Community MusicWorks: How does music transform lives?

Community MusicWorks

According to a recent survey, almost half of our population feels socially disconnected.
Can this disconnection be remedied? And can a music program be a catalyst for connection in one's own neighborhood?
Every day the staff at Community MusicWorks asks these questions.
As we begin our third decade, we see our work in music and social justice making transformation in big and small ways. At our opening concert and picnic, students, families and community members listened together as the MusicWorks Collective performed a rediscovered work by African-American composer Florence Price.
A woman passing by with bags of groceries joined the gathering. She turned to me as the audience applauded. "I was overcome by this music," she said. "I needed this today."
Small moments of connection like this can be powerful. In a larger sense, we're seeing how our organization's work in the West End of Providence has made profound and lasting change:
in our students, making accomplishments as musicians and developing their voices as thoughtful citizens of the world;

in our Resident Musicians, as the MusicWorks Collective draws larger audiences and programs repertoire that represents all voices;
in CMW's MusicWorks Network, as a national cohort of CMW-inspired and like-minded programs work together to align arts education with anti-oppression practices;
and in our audience members, who engage deeply with the music and the performers to create heartfelt experiences in real time, together.
How does music transform lives? Every day Community MusicWorks asks - and answers - this question in lessons, community discussions, and performances.
Music transforms by creating meaning in moments of connection, and by bringing us together in community.
And isn't that something we all need today?
We're looking for you to join this collective effort. Your gift to Community MusicWorks is the catalyst. Together, we can bring the power of music to students, families, and audiences.
Together, we can make the connection.

Kelly Reed
Managing Director

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