Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Malveaux Requests Music of Edmond Dédé for 'The Evening Program' on Classical KUSC

[Edmond Dédé; Hot Springs Music Festival; Richard Rosenberg, Conductor; Naxos 8.559038 (2000)]

John Malveaux of sends a copy of a letter to Jim Svedja of Classical KUSC:

“Mr. Svejda:
MusicUNTOLD greatly appreciates your OPEN invitation to submit requests for consideration during THE EVENING PROGRAM

After attending an outstanding March 16, 2012 Los Angeles Philharmonic FREE neighborhood concert at California African American Museum, I reflected on the neglected history and achievements of composers of African descent. As an example, Edmond Dédé was a musician, composer and conductor of the Negro Philharmonic Society considerably prior to the Civil War. He later fled the United States and served for 27 years as the conductor of the orchestra at the Théatre l'Alcazar in France. This is to request Edmond Dédé

John Malveaux”

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