Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dominican Republic Symphonic Orchestra in 'Haiti Get Back Up' (8:10) of Haitian Composer Jean Jean-Pierre

[(Librado Romero/The New York Times) Jean Jean-Pierre's work as a journalist, musician, composer and playwright has made him a leading Haitian activist.]

Yvrose Green writes:
“I have the privilege of visiting your site and I learned so much about the compositors and the works. I would like to introduce you to a Haitian compositor Jean Jean-Pierre presently living in Haiti and has done so much in preserving the traditional Haitian music as well as composing wonderful pieces. His website is:

Uploaded by ygouin on Mar 18, 2010 
An 8min time capsule of Haiti, Pre/Post Earthquake!
Jean Jean-Pierre and the Dominican Republic Symphonic Orchestra
Conductor: José Antonio Molina
The Dominican Republic National Choir
Conductor: José Enrique Espin
Composer/Producer: Jean Jean-Pierre
Director: Yvetot Gouin

Haïti Get Back Up / Ayiti Leve Kanpe / Haiti Levántate [HD] (8:10)

Yvrose Green also writes:
“The you Tube that I would like you to hear it is named: Haiti get back up is a classical piece, played by the Symphonic Orchestra of Santo Domingo and the conductor is Jose Antonio Molina who was the conductor of Pavarotti. And in september 2011 this piece opened the theatre season along with the 5 movements of the 9th Beethoven symphony. This piece is part of the repertoire of the 85 musician symphonic orchestra.”

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