Friday, March 9, 2012

John Malveaux: André Rieu Compares Voice of South African Soprano Kimi Skota to a 'Black Diamond'

[Kimi Skota]

John Malveaux of alerts us to a YouTube video on the South African soprano Kimi Skota, in which Conductor André Rieu compares her voice to a “Black Diamond”:
Uploaded by serialquilter123 on Apr 3, 2011
André Rieu: Kimi Skota sings Ave Maria (Gounod)

During our tour in South Africa I heard about the talent of the South African soprano Kimmy Skota. When I first heard her sing I thought ‘Wow, I knew there were diamonds here in South Africa but this has got to be the most beautiful diamond of all!’ Her voice is so pure and sparkling but at the same time so rich and warm! Kimmy really sings directly from her heart and you can hear that – she sings each emotion straight from heart to heart.

“So I was very proud that when she immediately said yes when I asked her if she would like to go on tour with me to conquer hearts all over the world with her glittering diamond voice!

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