Friday, March 9, 2012

Eric Lacy's April 24 Master's Recital at UNCG: 'Impulsivity,' 'Three Question Marks,' '13,' 'Frenzy' and 'KLTPZYXM'

[Eric Lacy]

The Reston Community Orchestra makes a practice of inviting composers to write new works for the ensemble's concerts. For the 2012 tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Maestro Dingwall Fleary invited Eric Lacy to write a piece. The young composer produced The Dream of Conscience: A Tribute to MLK, which the orchestra performed. In our correspondence with Eric Lacy, we learned he was preparing for a master's recital at the University of North Carolina Greenville. We invited him to provide details of the recital program, and he has done so:

Hi Mr. Zick,
I wanted to keep you informed about my master's recital. I've programmed five pieces, Impulsivity, Three Question Marks (for solo cello), 13 (sacred piece for solo soprano and string quintet), Frenzy, and KLTPZYXM (concerto for clarinet). The concert is April 24 at UNCG's recital hall.

I'm excited about it and I'll let you know more as we get closer to the date. Thanks so much for your interest!!
Take care...
Eric Lacy"

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