Saturday, March 24, 2012

Errollyn Wallen on BBC One Drama 'ONE NIGHT': 'I wrote the music and my song Daedalus is used'

Composer Errollyn Wallen writes:

Dear Friends,

ONE NIGHT is a brilliant BBC One drama series showing every night (except Thursday) next week at 10.35pm.

I wrote the music and my song Daedalus is used for the opening and end credits – in my solo version and with the fab Brodsky Quartet.

Hope you can catch it.


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George I said...

Just finished watching the final episode of One Night. I was absolutely enchanted by Daedalus, beautiful stuff. Do you know if it's possible to download/buy it anywhere?

Alex said...

It's available on iTunes at

Anonymous said...

iTunes store has it

sharon said...

I was utterly captivated by your beautiful song - it was so arresting, it's what made me watch the series and I've been googling Is this the life? to no avail as the credits rolled too quickly. Thank you for writing something so haunting - I]d love to buy/download it. Sharon Sweeney

sharon said...

I was so captivated by your haunting song and have spent ages Googling to listen again and find out what it is - I missed it on the credits. The song is what hooked me - and then I found the drama really gripping. In fact the music and cinematography were fantastic throughtout. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful melody. Sharon Sweeney