Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doctoral Student: 'I'm looking for anyone with further connection' to John D. Carter (1932-1981)

We have received a research inquiry regarding the African American choral composer John D. Carter (1932-1981):

Dear Mr. Zick,
I was encouraged by Dominque de Lerma to contact you about my research interest in John D. Carter (1932-1981). I am currently finishing my doctoral studies at the University of Illinois and am preparing a paper and two lecture recitals on the life and music of Carter.

I have located scores for his "Requiem Seditiosam: In Memoriam Medgar Evers" and the song cycle "Saetas Profanas." A manuscript copy of the "Requiem" was in the Bagaduce Music Library in Maine, and "Saetas Profanas" in the personal possession of Dr. Robert Ray.

Adele Addison has sung his song cycle, "Kodoku" as well as the mezzo, Ruth Conway who I believe is deceased.

I'm looking for anyone with further connection to Carter. He has other works out there somewhere-- a piano concerto (unfinished, but performed by Carter in the Baltimore area in outdoor concerts with the Baltimore Symphony in the late 60's), a piano solo, a violin solo (performed by Stanley Hoffman), a ballet... Carter performed a piano transcription of the "Requiem Seditiosam" in recital. According to newspapers, Julius Katchen performed this piano transcription also.

Most of my information regarding Carter surrounds his 1968-1969 composer-in-residency with the Washington National Symphony. If you know of anyone who may be of help, or may be interested in this research, feel free to pass along my contact info.

Casey Robards

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