Monday, March 7, 2011

CAAPA (Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts) Exchanges Links With and AfriClassical Blog

[CAAPA (Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts)]

Terri Allen of CAAPA thanks AfriClassical for its work, and requests an exchange of links:

“Dear Mr. Zick,
I am writing on behalf of the non-profit organization, CAAPA (Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts). We provide support to African American classical musicians in a variety of ways including helping to spread the word regarding African American classical musicians.

“AfriClassical has been an informative source of information for a long time. I personally enjoy and read your Blogs often. They are informative and current! Thank you for keeping me and everyone else up to date.

“With your kind permission and consideration, it would be our pleasure and honor to include your link on the CAAPA website. We would also like to have an opportunity to provide a link on the CAAPA Facebook page.!/pages/CAAPA-Coalition-for-African-Americans-in-the-Performing-Arts/405023006123 with your permission.

“I am looking forward to your response.
Again, thank you very much.
Musically Yours,
Terri Allen”

We greatly appreciate the request of Terri Allen. The CAAPA website has been added to the Links page at, and has added the CAAPA website to its Favorite Websites List.


Unknown said...

This is wonderful!!!!!!

Unknown said...

This is wonderful!!!!