Thursday, March 3, 2011

John Malveaux Asks Executive Director of NAACP 'Image Awards' to add Classical Music and Opera

On Feb. 25, 2011 AfriClassical posted: “John Malveaux Asks NAACP To Add Categories of Classical Music and Opera To 'Image Awards.'” The Letter to the Editor of The Crisis Magazine of the NAACP said, in conclusion:

“Awareness of African American history and achievements in classical and opera is little known and much neglected by main media and black media. This is to suggest that The CRISIS add categories to heighten awareness and acknowledgement classical and opera categories. If we don’t recognize our own outside the 'stereotypical images', we diminish the opportunity to change the distorted images.
John Malveaux”

The post has drawn four comments in support of the proposal of John Malveaux, and none in opposition. The 42nd NAACP Image Awards are scheduled for tomorrow, so this seems an appropriate time to post an additional statement from John Malveaux:

“In addition to sending a letter to the CRISIS magazine publisher, I also sent a copy of same letter to Vic Bullock, Executive Director, Hollywood Bureau, NAACP Image Awards.”
John Malveaux

1 comment: said...

This is such a glaring omission over years of celebrations that basically celebrates only one sliver of the worlds of art and music that these awards ignore. As a person who has had a very rewarding life, I still remember making the decision not to pursue music because of the raw challenges I would have as a Black/Chicana violinist in the classical world. Having a tingling of regret once at Michigan State University, I took my violin to the music department where I was to have an interview and subsequent audition, and sat down, faced by the receptionist who asked what I wanted and did I know the kind of musical background that was required here ( with an ugly face and voice). I will save you from the longer story by saying that I took my violin that I had been playing since Jr. high school and in my town's youth symphony ( the only brown person there) and went back to my pre-law curriculum. My story in various forms can be duplicated by thousands of women and men and children over the years. Today I read your blog faithfully and pass on the recognition of African American and African heritage classical music contributions to the world in history and today. The talent, the skill and the organizations that support and celebrate today's artists are wonderful!Why the NAACP does not acknowledge we too have been in the racism battle,
I will never understand.

Victoria Mares