Monday, March 21, 2011

Patrick D. McCoy: 'Soprano Brandie Sutton wins first place in Ben Holt Scholarship Competition in Voice'

[First Place Winner, soprano Brandie Sutton shares a moment with the mother of the late Ben Holt, Mrs. Mayme Wilkins Holt.]

Patrick D. McCoy sends this news:
“Soprano Brandie Sutton was named the first place winner in the Ben Holt Scholarship Competition in Voice, which was held last evening at Sixth Presbyterian Church in Washington, D. C. Second and third place winners were sopranos Angeli Ferrette and Jasmine Muhammad, respectively. All three finalists and semi finalist Darnell Rouhlac will be presented together in concert sponsored by the branch at a later date.

As the first prize winner, Ms. Sutton will be presented in a full recital under the auspices of the Ben Holt Memorial Branch and will represent the branch at the Eastern Region Convention in New York. Read more here:

"The African-American Voice in Classical Music"
Patrick D. McCoy

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